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Frequently Asked Questions

We have devised a list of questions that are regularly asked by our customers.  If your question isn't listed, please feel free to contact us.

  • How much do you charge for your services?
    How much we charge depends on the service we provide. For Labour Hire services we pay our workers according to the relevant Industry Award, Enterprise Bargaining Agreement, or Australian Workplace Agreement, and add a small fee. For Permanent Placement services, we charge a percentage of the annual salary. For further details, please contact us for a quote.

  • Do you have Public Liability Insurance and Workcover?
    YES we do. We can provide certificates of cover upon request with our Terms of Business.

  • Do you offer a guarantee on permanent placements?
    YES - We offer a 180 Day Replacement Guarantee on all our Permanent Placements, so if your employee leaves in the first 180 days, we will start the hiring process again, free of charge.

  • If I request your services, do I have to pay for you to recruit for me if you dont find a suitable candidate?
    NO. We will perform all advertising, interviews and reference checking without you having to pay a cent. We only charge once we place a candidate with you.

  • Are you really available for labour hire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
    YES. Once you sign with us, we are available to you every hour of every day. If you are one of our clients, and require a fill-in, we will fill that position as long as we have a suitable candidate.

  • Are your candidates drug tested?
    YES. Recruitment 24/7 drug and alcohol test 100% of our candidates before they commence work as well as random drug and alcohol tests throughout the duration of employment. **Please note: All tests are conducted by an accredited drug and alcohol screening technician as per Australian standards.

Job Seekers
  • Do you only advertise real jobs?
    Some recruitment agencies like to advertise jobs that don't exist because it makes them look good. When you see a vacancy with Recruitment 24/7, it is GENUINE, and if you have the required qualifications you have just as much chance at landing that job as anyone else.

  • Do I need to be unemployed to use your sevices?
    NO. Even if you are already employed, if you are willing to work, we want you to register with us.

  • Does Recruitment 24/7 charge a fee to help me look for work?
    Absolutely not! Our services are free to jobseekers.

  • What is the best way for me to find a job through your agency?
    The best way to find a job with us is the check our Positions Vacant page. We also regularly post on Australian Job Search and SEEK. Alternatively, you can Register with us, and we will contact you should a suitable position become available.

  • I have recently started work with one of your clients. When will I be paid, and who will pay me?
    Recruitment 24/7 is responsible for paying you unless you have been employed as a permanent worker by our client. Our pay week is Monday to Sunday, and your pay day is the following Friday.

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