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From humble beginnings to a leading recruitment agency


About Recruitment 24/7

Recruitment 24/7 is committed to changing the landscape for Labour Hire and Permanent Recruitment services. Established in February 2011, Recruitment 24/7 has experienced an exceptional rapid growth across Australia to become a leading recruitment agency in the market.

Recruitment 24/7 was conceived to change the recruitment agency landscape. Traditionally, Labour Hire and Permanent Recruitment services have been considered too expensive and the industry has developed a reputation for providing lacklustre employees, with many businesses viewing the service as not worth the money. We are dedicated to ensuring our recruitment services are more affordable and accountable to the industries and businesses that we serve.

Having built expertise across multiple industry sectors, we are committed to delivering quality services through our Head Office based in Ipswich, Queensland.

Our corporate values

At Recruitment 24/7, we are committed to work with honesty, integrity and professionalism in order to achieve excellence in recruitment.

Our corporate values are the foundation of Recruitment 24/7 and are essential in achieving our goal of providing all industry sectors we serve with the highest possible levels of service. 

Our objective is to continue to build long-term professional relationships and we do that by offering a more personalised approach and providing over and above service. Recruitment 24/7 is an agency like no other, which helps to cement our continued success.


From humble beginnings to a leading recruitment agency

Recruitment 24/7 began operating in February 2011, led by Mark Andersen and wife Cath. The business was conceived with the intention of changing the perception many industries and businesses have on the recruitment industry. We identified a gap in the industry and, consequently, set out to provide a more affordable and higher quality standard of service. 

Coming from humble beginnings, Recruitment 24/7 began with only a laptop, a mobile phone and a small desk in the lounge room of the Andersen’s family home. Four months later, Recruitment 24/7 found a home in a demountable office in the backyard. It operated out of the demountable for three more years, utilising serviced offices, meeting rooms and job network agencies to conduct interviews with our candidates.

In the first days of operation, we had only about 20 workers on the books. In those days Mark was still driving around in a 1997 Toyota Corolla that he would prefer to park around the corner when visiting clients to avoid them seeing it. Coupled with his recruitment expertise and personal charm, Mark frequently built great relationships with numerous clients. 

Consequently, Recruitment 24/7 slowly but surely grew and we were able to relocate into a rented office space in Ipswich where we stayed until December 2016. Which allowed us to become established enough to purchase our current office at 53 Brisbane Road, Newtown. We could see the potential in what was, at the time, a very run down and outdated office space. 

With a particular image in mind, Mark and the family renovated and transformed the premises into a modern and impressive office. Every day we work hard to assist candidates in finding employment and to look after our clients by over-delivering on their expectations, while still providing the affordable quality service we originally set out to achieve.

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