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Future workplaces: Is your job at risk?

There has been a lot of talk about the so-called “great resignation” – the trend seeing large numbers of workers leaving their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, having reevaluated their priorities or simply because there are more opportunities than ever before. In addition to this, there are reports that many existing jobs could be taken over by robotics or machines run by artificial intelligence. Employment specialists compile lists of what jobs they think will be in demand in the future and what jobs won’t be needed, based on trends.The team at Recruitment 24/7 reveal some of the jobs that appear on multiple lists.

What jobs will be in demand in the future?

If you’re studying Information Technology (IT) or engineering, chances are you’ll enjoy solid and potentially lucrative employment for many years. Engineer and IT experts of all kinds will be among the most sought-after employees in the future. Other professionals likely to be in demand include accountants, lawyers, financial advisers, project managers, specialist doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, veterinarians, psychologists, health services managers, school teachers, market research analysts and sales representatives. If you’re a tradie, the future looks bright. Construction works will be in demand, particularly bricklayers and carpenters.

Virtual environments – the future is here

Procedural Architects will be at a premium in the future. These are people who can design virtual environments and experiences that allow people to get things done and perhaps have some fun. This is what the minds behind Google, Youtube, Facebook, Amazon, Wikipedia, Twitter, eBay, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WordPress and MSN have done.

Positions vacant – cybersecurity

Today, cybersecurity jobs that pay $90,000 per year remain vacant because there aren’t enough experienced workers. These jobs often require familiarity with both cybersecurity and the operating technologies – turbines, pumps, and industrial equipment – that need to be secured. Industry surveys show that 56% of companies report being unable to execute on existing security plans due to workforce shortages, and training programs meet only 68% of the demand.

A quick search on 17 December 2021 revealed that there were 1,702 cybersecurity positions advertised on SEEK, Australia’s employment marketplace.

Other positions the IT sector is likely to need

  • Information security analysts
  • Big data analysts
  • Artificial intelligence and robotics specialists
  • Applications developers for mobile devices
  • Web developers
  • Database administrators
  • Business intelligence analysts
  • Game designers
  • Business/systems analysts and ethicists

What jobs won’t be in demand?

Sewing machine operators and postal service workers are among the occupations that won’t be in demand in the future. Other positions include agricultural workers, switchboard operators, data entry clerks and word processor typists.

Will robots eventually take over every occupation?

Fortunately, this is unlikely. Some jobs will always be done by people. The reasons can vary greatly: economic, social, nostalgic or simply not practical for robots to do.

Secure your future with Recruitment 24/7

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