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How to prepare for a Zoom interview: our top tips

Virtual job interviews are an efficient way for an employer to quickly evaluate jobseekers and attract top talent. With Zoom meetings, recruiters can easily schedule and host interviews to connect with candidates. Follow our tips to get the most out of your virtual interview and nail your perfect job.

What is a Zoom job interview?

A Zoom interview is when you interview for a position using Zoom. Zoom is a type of free video software that companies use to connect with others remotely. It has various tools such as screen sharing, text chat, video recording and muting. If you are a first-time Zoom user, click here for step by step instructions.

Set up your room prior to the interview

Find a quiet, brightly lit room. Ensure your space is free of clutter and has professional-looking items in the background. E.g. Bookshelf. This shows that you pay attention to detail. Good natural lighting helps the interviewer get a clear view of your body language and facial expressions. Ensure you don’t have a window behind you as this can cast shadows on your face and make you look like a silhouette. Limit noise by closing windows and turning off your music or TV. Turn your phone to silent and switch off any notifications on your computer or laptop.

Set the interview to full screen

Set the interview to full screen so that your interviewer is the only thing you can see. If you are distracted by a notification on your computer, it will be noticed on the other end.

Don’t use your phone for Zoom interviews

Don’t be tempted to use the Zoom mobile app for job interviews. Having a laptop or computer on a table creates a clearer, more stationary view of yourself. With a phone, the vision isn’t as clear and you can risk shaking it. Not a good look.

Look into the camera when you speak

Think of how you would look at the interviewer during an in-person interview. Maintaining eye contact is a sign of confidence and respect. Zoom interviews make this slightly different because if you were to look them in the eye on your screen, it may not look like that on their end. A good tip is to look into the camera when you are speaking. This creates the illusion that you are looking at them rather than yourself or the screen.

Body language matters

Sit straight with your hands in your lap and your feet on the floor. Don’t fidget. Use your hands if it is natural for you but don’t use them if it feels contrived.

Maintain your focus by nodding

It is important to focus on the screen while your interviewer is talking – just as you would in an in-person interview. This shows the interviewer that you are paying attention to what they are saying through active listening. This doesn’t mean continuously nodding. Just nod occasionally as the interviewer speaks and ask questions based on what they say. Appropriate questions could be about the company’s culture or the responsibilities of the role.

Use the mute button

Muting audio is a great feature to use while your interviewer is speaking for long periods. It prevents them hearing anything on your end. E.g. A lawnmower or dog barking.

Familarise yourself with the Zoom tools and conduct a mock interview

Familiarise yourself with Zoom by setting up a mock Zoom interview with a family member or friend. Have them ask you typical interview questions and give you feedback. Once you’ve mastered the Zoom tools, you can use them to your advantage during your next Zoom interview.

Dress professionally

Dress how you would during an in-person interview. This means you should wear your nicest business attire. Things like dress pants, blazers, formal shirts, formal dresses and modest skirts are all great options.

Technical checklist

Charge your laptop, update your computer and ensure you have a strong internet connection. Do a full system update of your computer well in advance and get the newest edition of Zoom prior to your interview.

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