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The benefits of using labour hire

Labour hire has been an effective way for companies to enhance their workforce for decades. It is a proven platform for many industries as it enables companies to maintain a lean permanent workforce while being able to take on adequate workers during peak seasons.

Many positions can be filled through labour hire – from those that require low or no skills or experience to those that are highly skilled roles. This has meant that the labour hire process has evolved from just a service to provide short-term cover for absent employees to an effective cost reduction strategy.

Here are just some of the benefits of using labour hire.

Save time and money on recruitment

Most companies will benefit from using labour hire as way to reduce overall payroll costs, as well as the costs associated with the hiring process. Labour hire companies will take care of advertising for the position, the recruitment process itself and the training of the worker.

Also, considering workers are the employees of their respective labour hire companies, the company will be responsible for the expenses associated with hiring them, such as payroll, compensation, superannuation and insurance. The labour hire process alleviates the business owner from spending hours sourcing, interviewing and verifying prospective workers.

Work-life balance for employees

The labour hire process will allow businesses to have flexible working hours – for example, allowing permanent employees time off without affecting productivity. It allows for permanent employees to enjoy a good work-life balance, such as having weekends off, taking care of personal responsibilities or even just giving them the opportunity to finish on time.

Prevents overworking of employees

Businesses experience periods of increased and slowed demand, as well as increased production requirements and employee absences. These can all lead to overworking of permanent employees, which can lead to stress within the workforce and have a detrimental affect on productivity.

The labour hire process will ensure that a business can supplement their existing workforce with temporary staff to help deal with the increased workload. The process also allows businesses to scale back when business is lacking, as there is no obligation to keep temporary workers through labour hire.

Hire people with specialised skills

The labour hire process allows businesses to quickly find a temporary worker with the right skills for the job. Labour hire companies will have an extensive database of workers for a range of industries – and they will have gone through extensive inductions and had their work history and qualifications verified.

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