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Why every employee and job seeker should be regularly upskilling

Whether you want to improve your knowledge in your current role, increase the prospect of future job opportunities or are currently looking for employment, training and upskilling is fundamental to preparing for the next stage of your career. It also provides a competitive advantage for job seekers in the employment market.

Who should be upskilling – job seekers or employees?

Typically, upskilling occurs when employers work towards improving the skills of their workers to enable them to perform better in their jobs and stay up to date with current industry standards. Upskilling is done through several formats, such as short courses, TAFE courses and even University courses. 

However, the responsibility does not always fall on the employer or the employee. Job seekers are, these days, consistently seeking training and course to put them in a better position for potential job opportunities and give them an advantage in employment agencies and recruitment agencies.

Increase your job opportunities.

A significant benefit of upskilling for both employees and job seekers is that it gives you the best possible advantage to acquire new job opportunities. By increasing your skill set, qualifications and knowledge, you could be a more lucrative addition to a business. For job seekers, upskilling your qualifications will benefit recruitment agencies, making it easier for them to find suitable employment opportunities for you.  

Future proof yourself

The workforce – and industries – are constantly changing and shifting with new technology, new techniques and new ideas. No position, company or industry is ever 100% predictable. If you take responsibility for your own upskilling, training and learning, you will constantly stay on top of your industries new way of thinking. If you are a job seeker or seeking a career change, finding job opportunities or transitioning into your new role will be less of a hassle.

Discover a new passion – or reignite it

When you open yourself up to new knowledge, skills and ways of thinking, you might find something new that you love and enjoy. If you have become bored of your current role, relearning key aspects or finding out more about it might benefit you. In this case, upskilling is not just beneficial for your career and job opportunities, but it helps improve your wellbeing too.

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